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Supporting Remanufacturing in Glasgow

We are always eager to find innovative ways of exploiting our excellent UK network more effectively. For this reason, we were delighted to get involved with a three month pilot scheme in cooperation with Heriot-Watt University and the Scottish Institute of Remanufacturing (SIR), arranging for the secure collection of small electrical items and equipment from 12 retailers in Glasgow.

Most electronics do not enter reuse or remanufacturing cycles, but this scheme changes that. Just over half a ton of electronic items were saved from landfill, with 10% being reused, 34% saved for spare parts, and the rest recycled.

As well as the positive environmental impact, this project presented us with the opportunity to explore new markets with growth potential for our business and show our retail customers the innovative ways we can utilise our network.

On the back of this initiative we have submitted an entry to the Made in Scotland Awards. These awards were set up to recognise businesses in any sector who have demonstrated innovation in extending product life cycles and diverting waste  from landfill. I am confident our involvement with this great project will get the recognition it