March 2019


ASOS is one of the world’s biggest e-retailers and distributes fashion and cosmetics to locations across the globe. With no bricks and mortar shops, ASOS relies on its partners to distribute online orders directly to the doors of its customers.

Gnewt, a subsidiary business of Menzies Distribution, provides a warehouse to customer delivery service for London based ASOS customers with the unique offering of a last mile emission-free delivery.

The Objective:

Green delivery: ASOS has corporate social responsibility at its core and is a pioneering, innovative and forward thinking green retailer, wanting to be among the first to guarantee green delivery, not because it is becoming an obligation, but because it is right for the world we live in now and for the future.

End user messaging: Accurate, industry-leading, track and traceability at all stages of the delivery process is essential to the ASOS customer experience. This needed to be enhanced by incorporation of the ‘green message’ so that London customers know that their parcel has been delivered emission-free for the final mile.

The Solution:

Gnewt and Menzies were handpicked by ASOS for the ability to use both traditional trunking and an emission-free last mile delivery. This enables ASOS to reach London based customers throughout the Congestion Charge and Ultra-Low Emissions Zones (ULEZ).

Menzies Distribution trunks the parcels from the Barnsley warehouse into Gnewt’s depot in Bow where they are then distributed to ASOS customers across the City of London utilising 40 of Gnewt’s all electric fleet.

The mix of both traditional trunking and electric vehicles means that ASOS parcels are delivered in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way. In addition, a new van livery was developed through a collaborative three-way partnership with Gnewt, ASOS and RGVA to produce an instantly recognisable, non-PVC, environmentally friendly wrap. The aim of the livery was to create a distinctive ASOS branded van which highlights the firm’s commitment to last mile, emission-free delivery to all of its clients within London. The result is a fleet of three vans which are wrapped in the image of an ASOS parcel, with the distinctive ASOS ‘white noise’ design. The vans clearly communicate what is being delivered and are an excellent marketing tool for the ASOS brand.

User Experience:

ASOS employees load Menzies Distribution vehicles at the warehouse in Barnsley, which are trunked down to Gnewt’s depot in Bow, East London. From this site, the parcels are then sorted into delivery routes, loaded onto electric Gnewt vans and delivered to ASOS customers.

At each stage of the process, the customer receives an email or SMS update to inform them of the status of their parcel. Once the parcel is delivered, the customer receives a notification that their parcel was delivered by an electric vehicle. What’s unique in this process is that the end purchaser not only receives real time notifications but they are also informed the delivery is being made by Gnewt’s ELECTRIC fleet, an industry first initiative.


Gnewt has provided ASOS with the unique offering of guaranteeing customers who fall within the congestion zone that their ASOS parcels will be delivered by an all-electric vehicle with a zero-carbon emission last mile.

Gnewt is expanding this service across London and is continuing its R&D to develop the most efficient and environmentally friendly methods of delivery. With Gnewt’s near 10 year history of emission-free delivery solutions, it will be well placed to continue to offer the quality and efficient service which customers expect whilst remaining compliant with environmental safeguards.


What This Means:


During a six month period from September 2018 to February 2019, Gnewt has:

  • Delivered 361,032 ASOS parcels emission free.
  • Driven 210,000 kilometres (130,000 miles) delivering these parcels (Gnewt telematics)

CARBON SAVED = 78.6 tonnes*