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Media on the Move

Media On The Move

One of the world’s leading travel media management and marketing companies, providing quality reading material to airlines, rail companies and cruise ships.

We provide a specialised and cost effective print or digital distribution service for publishers, and carefully target outlets to boost both brand and circulation.

Our marketing and sponsorship services allow our clients to advertise their products using both in-lounge and on-board promotions. And our prompt and reliable delivery promise enables travel operators to confidently promote an enhanced offer to their passengers.

Our competitive pricing and innovative approach, together with our high standards of professionalism have earned us a reputation as being a first-rate service provider to the travel sector.

We have over 30 years’ experience in the publishing and travel industry and have developed our flexible, global media supply as a ‘one stop shop’ for:

• Promotional and Sponsorship Opportunities
• On-board Retail (Media and Technology)
• Digital Delivery
• Operational Airport Service
• Newspaper services at BA serving UK airport gates and gate stands, UK and overseas lounges and onboard world traveller and business class cabins.

Our team also ensure your marketing materials reach the right audience with Demographic Profile matching.